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Trang Nguyen
HIST 1301
Sheryl Ballard
Feb 08, 2015
The Motivations of European Countries’ Expansion into the New World European countries have many various motivations to explore the New World. However, we can see that their main motivations are to spread their religious believes, own more land and gain wealth by finding gold. The purpose of my essay is to discuss about many countries of Europe and their motivations regarding their expansion into the New World. At first, the religious belief is a forceful motive. People who believe in God want to share their religion and spread the Gospel with others, especially Christian. Moreover, they want to convert people in unknown land or people who have different religion because they believe that their religion is the only true faith. Therefore, they feel that they have a religious desire and duty to save souls by bringing Christianity to others. Almost all people in Spain were Christians so they tried to convert people in India.
Portugal was a poor land in 13th century so they need outside resources. Therefore, they had to go overseas to expand their territory and find new lands to support their demands and needs. The discovery of new land also made their country to have more glory and prestige. There were several reasons that motivated English sailing to the New World. Economically, new territories would bring huge advantages that homeland would never be able to offer. For merchants, this would be an unprecedented