Sociology: Primary Education and Good Citizen Essay

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To be a good citizen anywhere you have to be a good person first. That means having respect, wanting to help out and do good needs for people that may need a little extra help or even just for fun with a good attitude. Such as in a classroom in school, you have to listen to directions, respect the teacher and your classmates, and also doing your homework on time. Around your community, you should respect the people around you, such as if you were at a park, don't use foul language, pick up your trash or even pick up somebodies trash if you see any on the ground. The last example I'm going to use to explain what I think is a good citizen is at home, you should do your chores, if you have any, and listen to your parents.

So now that you have a few examples about what a good citizen is to me, I'm going to talk about my project I did to help out my community to be a good citizen. My project is for a grade in school, so that means I pretty much had to do it, but honestly I think people help out around their community almost everyday, but not everybody see's it like that for the most part. I went to an elementary school to do my community project. I decided to go to this school with my group, which included three other people: Viviana, Adrianna, and Dillon. We heard about this school from Dillon, he's a baseball player at the college, and his coach told us his wife worked there and could help us sign up so we would be able to meet with a teacher and children. So once we got a hold of his coach, we set up a date and time to meet at the school where we could all go at the same time. We told everybody to be there 15 minutes early, just in case somebody was running a little late, they actually wouldn't be late, but everybody made it on time.

Once we got to the school, we all got separated and went to different classrooms. Two of us had first graders, and the other two had second graders. I got second grade, which I absolutely loved. The students were at lunch when I first got into the classroom, so I had a short discussion with the teacher that was in there. She asked me if I was going to school for teaching, where she was from and just discussed a little bit about each other. She was a very laid back teacher, calm, but a very good teacher. I liked her a lot and the students really seemed to like her and respected her very well.

The students came back from lunch and had recess inside since it was chilly that day. Some of the boys played with their toy cars, played other games, and the girls played other games as well, did some math problems with adding and subtracting. A couple of the boys asked me my name when they first saw me and asked me what I was doing there. I explained to them that I had to come here for a school project just like they have to do certain things in school to get a good grade. The sweetest thing happened to me at the very beginning that just melted my heart and made the whole rest of the day fantastic. The boys were playing with their toy cars like I explained earlier and one of the little boys threw his car to ramp and it landed on my chair, but one of the other little boys thought the car had hit me, so he told the other boy, “Girls are diamonds, you are supposed to respect them, so you need to tell her sorry.” My heart grew so heavy when I heard this from a first grader, and from that point on, that little boy and I just clicked. I felt so close to him and comfy with him after just knowing him for a few minutes. His name was Israel, and his name is about the only name I remember, and that’s mostly, because he caught my eye in the very beginning.

As recess went on, a few girls were playing flash cards next to me, so I held the cards for them while they figured out the answers. Then the students started doing math. They had to come up with as many ways as they could in a group to get one dollar. I helped some of the students, while the teacher helped some of the other students and walked around to check