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Alice Myung
Biology B
29 March 2014
Socratic Seminar on Intelligent Design
One of the most controversial topics people have been discussing about is how organisms were created on this Earth. Some religious groups believe that a supernatural deity, some as they call God, created this world piece by piece in seven days, according to the Bible. Some believe that human life and other organisms have evolved from animals or even bacteria. Others think that Intelligent Design (ID), the belief that evolution and creationism both contribute to the making of life, has created living organisms. In schools, science classrooms only teach the evolution of organisms and not creationism, but many argue that schools should teach both topics. Therefore schools have been considering teaching a newer theory, Intelligent Design, where students can be taught both beliefs equally. However, the idea of ID is still today an unsure assumption, which holds back schools to come to a conclusion on what to teach students in class.
There is much evidence in the support of not only evolution, but creationism as well.
Creationism, being a theory also, could very much be helpful if taught in schools. By doing this, it could help student choose which theory they would like to believe in. Creationism theorizes that mankind was made from a superior God, according to The Holy Bible. However, those who believe in a God, may have slightly different views on religion, for example, Christians,
Muslims, Catholics, and etc. This could make Creationism hard to teach in school if students are unable to agree on a belief.

Myung 1
According to Darwin’s theory, all living organisms have evolved over time to what they are today in order to adapt to our environments. Today in schools, evolution is the main theory taught to students, although it is still a controversial topic. Evolution is more likely to be taught in schools because this theory can relate to scientific ideas. Creationism may be true as well, however, there is not a logical way to explain it. Evolution on the other hand, can be testified and easier to explain to a science class than supernatural beliefs. Although teaching creationism may give students a chance to open up their beliefs on this topic, schools are still dwindling on this idea because students have an opportunity like that at church on Sundays.
Because of the debate between how living organisms were created, people have