Sodapop Short Story

Words: 677
Pages: 3

In the course of the story, Sodapop is the only character who always has a smile on his face. Although he has to deal with the loss of Johnny, Dally and his parents, his brothers constant fighting and his girlfriend leaving him he still stays positive.
Johnny and Dally’s death took it’s toll on sodapop. The usual optimistic smile which he always had was gone. His long dark-gold hair was chaotic and disorganised. Before Johnny and Dally’s death Soda didn’t drink a drop. But, now you wouldn’t see him without of bottle of beer.
One cloudy morning, Soda grudgingly got up. He ate his usual breakfast, one slice of chocolate cake and a cold glass of milk. As he sat there eating his cake and he had epiphany. The only way he’ll find true happiness is to find Sandy.
Sandy was his ex-girlfriend who moved to Florida because her parents didn't approve of the idea of Soda marrying her. She didn't love him
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Her house wasn’t far from here. After another hour on the bus he arrived. The house was bigger than he’d ever seen in his life. It had 2 giants doors. He stepped in an oily puddle. He stopped for a moment. As the water stopped rippling he caught a glimpse of himself. His dark-gold hair was a mess, his t-shirt covered in dirt. He heard something in the distance. It was the nay of a horse. He slowly walked towards it. He felt water seep into his ripped sneakers as he stepped into a deep puddle. The nay was louder. About 50 feet ahead was a small stable with a horse trailer. It seemed familiar. “What could it be” he thought. He suddenly remembered Mickey Mouse.
Mickey mouse was a pony at a stable that Soda worked on. Mickey mouse was a very irritable pony, often kicking other horses and getting into trouble. He would only listen to Soda, coming when he would call and chewing on his shirt or collar. When Mickey Mouse's owner sold him, Soda had been very upset, and had cried. For a year he saved money to buy him back but didn’t get