Soft Drink and Pepsico Essay

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Spring 2015 Business Intelligence (SEC.6050...B2W01.SP2015)
Company: PepsiCo, Inc.

What is Dashboard?
A Dashboard is a graphical interface that displays the present status of the key performance indicators (KPI’s) of a firm. This holds the consolidated data of the enterprise. This can be tailored in a specific point of view if needed. Being simple, easy to communicate, supporting organized data, applying human perception to visual presentation are some the characteristics of a good dashboard.
Various users of a Dashboard:
A perfect dashboard can be used by all the departments of the company to know the current status of the KPI’s of the company. They can also tailor the details to their requirements to observe data pertaining to them. The following are the main users of the dashboard.
1. Marketing Department: Marketing department uses data in the dashboard such as area wise product sales, age wise product sales to target more sales in the areas and age groups where the product is weak at the current position. For Example, if the current status says that PepsiCo sales are less in Europe, they do more targeted marketing in the European countries to improve their sales.
2. Human Resources Department: The HR Department also makes use of the data in dashboard to maintain adequate human resources to meet the production. For suppose, Let us consider the demand is increasing and thus the production is to be increased. Thus HR Department takes necessary actions to maintain human resources for the increased production.
3. Executives: Executives makes the most use of dashboard to take the Business Decisions, which are to be made after careful examination of the big data. Before introducing a new product into the market, introducing new flavors to the existing product, making a decision to stop manufacturing a product are some situations when they carefully look into the dashboard to make decisions.
4. Production Department: The production & manufacturing department will also look into the dashboard to increase or decrease the production quantity.
5. Purchasing Department: As the Production Department looks into the dashboard to increase or decrease the production quantity; the purchasing department also looks into the dashboard to maintain enough raw materials to match the increased or decreased productions quantity. Although, they co-ordinate with the production department before taking such decisions.
The Strategic Analysis:
Based on the ingredients, the products in the soft drink industry can be classified broadly into the following:
1. Carbonated Soft Drinks
2. Fruit Beverages
3. Bottled Waters
4. Functional Beverages
5. Sports Drinks
As per the recent market analysis, the three major players in this industry are as follows in the order of their market share:
1. Coca-Cola
2. Pepsico
3. Dr Pepper Snapple Group.
Coca-Cola: This is an Atlanta; Georgia based company, which holds a market share of about 40% according to the recent statistics. Until recent past, Coco-Cola used to sell their concentrate to a bottler, who deals with the preparation of the final drink and bottling of the drink. In the year 2010, Coca-Cola took over the bottling company and is now manufacturing by itself.
PepsiCo: This is a New York based company, which is also considered to be a major player in the industry of soft drinks. Pepsi also expanded its horizons into the industry of snacks. This holds about 30% of the soft drink market share. This company is broadly classified into the following business units:
PepsiCo America Foods (PAF)
PepsiCo America Beverages (PAB)
PepsiCo International (PI)
Dr Pepper Snapple Group: This is a Plano, Texas based company, and it is unique from coco-cola and pepsico in being the owner cum bottling company from the beginning. This company also has three business units Beverage Concentrates (BC), Bottled Beverages (BB) and Latin America Beverages (LAB). This holds a considerable market share of about 16%.…