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Software Design Document Section 1 ­ Project Description
1.1 Project
Worthy Boards

1.2 Description
Website allows brides to collaborate with their wedding party and gives brides a place to view and purchase wedding items in one place.

1.3 Revision History


Shaniqua R.

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Software Design Document Contents
Section 1 ­ Project Description
1.1 Project
1.2 Description
1.3 Revision History
Section 2 ­ Overview
2.1 Purpose
2.2 Scope
2.3 Requirements
2.3.1 Estimates
Section 3 ­ System Architecture
Section 4 ­ Data Dictionary
Section 6 – Data Design
6.1 Persistent/Static Data
6.1.1 Dataset
6.1.2 Static Data
6.1.3 Persisted data
6.2 Transient/Dynamic Data
6.3 External Interface Data
6.4 Transformation of Data
Section 7 ­ User Interface Design
7.1 User Interface Design Overview
7.2 User Interface Navigation Flow
7.3 Use Cases / User Function Description
Section 8 ­ Other Interfaces
8.1 Interface X
Section 9 ­ Extra Design Features / Outstanding Issues
Section 10 – References
Section 11 – Glossary

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Software Design Document Section 2 ­ Overview
2.1 Purpose
This software design document describes the architecture and system design of the website Wedding
Worthy. The purpose of this project is to improve the shopping experience for users and to develop a collaborative commerce tool.

2.2 Scope
The objective is to implement a specific functionality of the client’s website in which users are allowed to create dashboards of items and share them with other accounts or anonymous users via social media.
The benefit of the functionality is that users will be able to interact with other in the wedding party to get input and approvals of wedding items.

2.3 Requirements
2.3.1 Estimates #
1. Users can rate and comment on the Worthy Boards that others make
2. Allow a user to create events on specified dates and edit events as needed
3. Allow user to create a board in which user can invite other users and allow them to comment and rate each item on the board. 4. Allow user to share via email, Facebook, etc.

Hrs. Est.


Section 3 ­ System Architecture
Describe/include a figure of the overall system architecture (and where this module fits in)

Section 4 ­ Data Dictionary (template of a database table description)

IDUnique Identifier from TABLE_SEQ
NAME The Name in Object.Name()
VALUEThe Value output from somewhere


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Software Design Document Section 5 ­ Software Domain Design
5.1 Software Application Domain Chart
Describe / chart each major software application domain and the relationships between objects (UML, etc) 5.2 Software Application Domain
A Comprehensive high level description of each domain (package/object wherever it is better to start) within the scope of this module (or within the greater scope of the project if applicable)
5.2.1 Domain X
A high level description of the family of components within this domain and their