Solar Energy Research Paper

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Making solar energy Economical Solar energy is sustainable since the sun cannot be depleted. It exists every day unless when it is cloudy. However, when it is cloudy stored energy from the previous sunny days can be used. Solar energy is also environmentally clean. Other sources of energy cannot be compared to solar. For example, fossil fuels such as natural gas and oil can be depleted. Coal, on the other hand, exists in high quantities but causes air and water pollution. On the contrary, the solar energy occurs freely, and as people need not pay for tapping the energy. Thus, making the solar energy to be economical is important to the world because would it reduces pollution levels. This wills in-turn reduces the effects of pollution such as: global warming, greenhouse effect, bio magnifications, outbreak of diseases and infections, acidification from emissions of carbon monoxide among others. It is clear that these effects cut across all sectors; hence with solar energy the world will be a better place to live (National Academy of Engineering 2012). Moreover, making the solar energy to be economical is crucial to an individual because it will reduce the cost of acquiring energy since once the solar system is installed, no other costs are incurred. Also, infections such respiratory infections will reduce because solar energy is environmentally clean. Despite this, making solar energy to be economical is a challenge for many engineers because better innovations have not been made in this field. These areas of innovation include how to capture the solar