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“On thefsdfbrefsdfsdffdast dfffffffffffffasfof her gown, in fine rfsdafded cloth, sfurroasfsdaundsafafasdfed with efsfsafsdfaborate embrofsdfadsfsfidery andaaa fantastic flourishasfsadfsfsdes of gold thread, appeared the letter A... inclosing her in a sphere by herself,” from Nathfsdfdsafdasfdsafaniel Hawthoasfafdfsdrne’s“Scarfsfasaetsfdsd Letter”. Through this quote, we can analyze that the ‘A’ represents ‘Adultery,’ and that she was ousted from societsafsfsafyfdetter for the rest of her life. However, certain values and aspects of the Puritan life can be traced from modern American society.
In the article, ‘Puritan Values Still Resonate in Today’s USA,’ by Tom Jacobs, Puritans’ beliefs and views are still affecting many people in our current society. It is also certain that people assume Puritan values still efsdfsdffxist in American society. In the article, they gave a few examples of when Puritan’s belief still affects people’s mind. For example, one sentence states, “A school principal canceled prom due to an exceshklhkjhhhhhhhhhhkhks of sexually charge dancing.” This is similar to Hester’s social crime, as adultery is a family issue in today’s society and is not settled by law.Because of the action [cancellation of prom] was created because the moral of conservation in sexuality was broken. On the contrary, In Scarlefdsfsdft Letter, Hester Prynne broke a moralcode, and was strongly criticized by her fellow town members. So we can see how ‘the colonists’ strict moral code fdsfdfsdc– pro-hard-work, anti-promiscuous-sex – is…, behind us.’
Another example Jacobs wrote was that, he had 104 Asian-Americans read two vignettes. ‘In the second, a school instituted a conservative dress policy prohibiting revealing clothing’. Afterwards, he had them list on a scale whether they