Sound: Am / Fm Radio Essay

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From the beginning, AM/FM radio was the only source of broad banding sound waves for the public listening pleasure. This invention introduced broadcasting news, sports, music, current events, advertisements, and other information that was not yet available by television. Now that technology has advanced into the 21st century, satellite radio has become another popular outlet source for the music audience. Although satellite radio rapidly continues to expand in the market, many people are skeptical to the full functionality of these two competitive music suppliers. AM/FM radio and satellite transmission of electromagnetic waves offer both various similar services, yet differences remain to the general public regarding their most important features such as music playing time, the right to ban suggested music, and who’s in control of the services.
Music playing time is highly important to listeners of both AM/FM and satellite radio. AM/FM radio is usually controlled by the popular hits in the music industry. Though the AM/FM audiences have a slight advantage to make special song requests; commercials and advertisements, interrupt majority of the radio play time. In contrast, many satellite listeners enjoy the freedom of being able to control the type of music they’re listening to at that particular time. Satellite listeners have the option of playing songs and certain artists by inputting information into a search field. Although free satellite services play commercials and advertisement, there are premium satellite services to overlook these features allowing listeners to play their music without interruption.
Wide musical ranges of song tracks continue to outbreak in every genre in the radio industry. Individuals have the right to dislike tracks that don’t spark their interest; yet both radio services offer different ways to handle the situation. Disc Jockeys in the AM/FM industry are highly committed to play music that sells by the music market. Radio fans are not privileged the right to demand these disc jockeys to ban songs or artists. Meanwhile, satellite radio continues to expand listener’s suggestions. Free satellite services offer skip or ban options to a certain extent. By contrast, the premium satellite services offer banning of songs, artist, and suggested artists without limits. It’s entirely up to the listener on how much radio control suits their needs.
Some individuals love the fact that AM/FM radio is controlled at a level where professionalism is involved during music air time. These listeners enjoy the fact that popular hits are a major component on what these radio stations are providing. These listeners also love commercials that advertise new merchandise, announcing unknown materials, and local events. In addition, music news is another factor why some listeners prefer…