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How far do Sources 9, 10 and 11 support the view that the defeat of the Armada was a success for Elizabeth?
The general message behind the sources outlines the defeat of the Spanish Armada and the positive effect this had for Elizabeth. The provenance of source 9 is from the Spanish themselves, proving their acceptance of their defeat and praising ‘The Queen’s fleet to be so superior to ours in this sort of fighting, in consequence of the strength of their artillery, and the fast sailing of their ships…’. Source 9 proves the losses the Spanish faced before they reached home, trying to keep their men alive for they lost so much. Despite the low damage the British had done, the defeat forced the Spanish ships to escape northwards, but they had come to grief on the coasts of Scotland and Ireland due a sea storm and ships being looted by the Irish resulting in less than half of the ships returning to Spain. This source supports the view that the defeat of the Armada was a success for Elizabeth.
Source 10 creates an idea that the defeat was not as great, as the English only ‘lost about eight great ships, one galleass, and some 5 or 6000 men’. Considering the Armada consisted of 130 ships, 7000 sailors and 21000 soldiers, the effect the English had on them was minimal. This source also states that ‘The Lord Admiral continued to pursuit’ and questioned the force of the French in Dunkerk. This source doesn’t prove the defeat of the Armada to be as successful as Seymour had doubted the powers of Elizabeth.
Source 11 outlines the Queen’s speech, which among her men in her army had made her very popular. What the army didn’t know is that the Queen had already known the Armada was defeated, and that this act was merely to raise her…