Space Exploration Persuasive Essay

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Some people ask: why do we need to go to mars? Why do we need so many pictures of planets and galaxies? Money spent on space exploration can be spent on things such as health or education. But for other people it is different. They think it is worth it because when astronauts study and conduct different experiments they improve the technology here on earth. Now digging a little deeper these are some of the reasons why space exploration is worth 550 trillion dollars.
Drinking clean water is important for human survival, but in many countries that is not an option. The technology for purifying water in third world countries was originally created for astronauts who had to spend months on the space station orbiting earth. Now areas that do not have very little to none clean water have a chance to access advanced water filtration and purification systems, making life-saving differences. The water purification and filtration systems found globally are due to the hard working people in space exploration stations like NASA.
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NASA is trying to figure out how to grow crops aboard the space station for the astronauts to have their own food as a part of their potential journey to Mars. Scientists that are working on this have noticed that a “naturally-occurring plant hormone called ethylene” was destroying their plants that were in the plant growth chambers. They have now developed and successfully tested an ethylene removal system, called advanced astroculture. The system has helped by removing any viruses, bacteria, and mold from the plants in the plant growth chamber. Scientists have adapted the system so that now it could be used in air purification. This system is now used in grocery stores to prolong the shelf-life of fruits and veggies. This technology is also used in the production of quality