Essay on Special Education and Nclb

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Special Education and NCLB

I am particularly interested in special education. I feel that students who require special instructions are increasing on a daily basis; therefore, special education should be given much emphasis and consideration. I relation to this, I think that one of the first issues to address is how special education students are tested? Are these tests reliable?

As part of the NCLB Act, every student is required to undergo standardized testing. However, as an educator, I feel that this requirement will limit the creativity of teachers. Additionally, it will also impede their ability to teach in new innovative ways.

Moreover, standardized testing is an inaccurate and poor measure of true abilities and potentials of students, since some children who are learning successfully simply do not perform well on exams. Unfortunately, standardized testing favors only one kind of learner. Therefore, this method would be unfair and would not benefit the whole education system.

Most likely, standardized testing is biased against special education learners. Hence, this prerequisite would surely cause problems.

Despite the flaws, I still believe that the NCLB Act offers something good; otherwise, it would not pass in our legislative system. For this reason, I decided to focus on this subject and through this research project, I plan to investigate the positive and negative effects of the NCLB Act on special education.

To address the topic, I plan to do