Speech: Itunes and Ipod Touch Essay

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Do you like to listen to music and play games at the same time? What about having it portable? And have Internet access along with it? Then I have something for you! An iPod touch should do the trick! It’s portable and small! You can take it with you anywhere. Do you own an iPod nano, classic, or shuffle? How about an mp3 player? Well that’s old news. An iPod nano or classic is alright. Sure you can see pictures on them, play solitaire, and listen to music but what else? What about those shuffles or mp3 players? A piece of plastic that just plays music. Can I say BORING? It could maybe give you what you would be satisfied with but the iPod touch not only gives you great satisfaction but the thought of being able to have this great technology at your fingertips and being able to use it. Get rid of that old news! How do you get rid of it? Buy this iPod touch to start! We’ll even throw in free headphones, a screen protector, and a 10 dollar iTunes gift card. If you don’t have anything to put your old iPods or mp3 players to use then give it to us! We will take it off your hands and recycle it so we can have newer and better technology for you in the near future. Buying this iPod touch could be the answer to all of your music and game problems! This is brand new technology, its better technology, and its more fun and interactive technology. It has so many variations of apps. From boys’ to girls’ choices, young to old, and even the ones that can help you learn in…