Speech to the Virginia Convention Essay examples

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The speaker of “Speech to the Virginia Convention” is famous writer Patrick Henry. The occasion was him giving a speech to Virginia. The audience of this speech was citizens and government delegates. The purpose was to get people to rebel against Great Britain. The subject was that the people’s rights could not be controlled.

Patrick Henry was a great writer. He is best known for his famous quote, “Give me liberty, or give me death.” He started off as a lawyer and later grew to become a politician. He had a fluent tongue for politics. Because of this, he became a great speaker for the people. In 1774, he was selected to serve to the Continental Congress in Philadelphia as a delegate. His speech to the Virginia Convention helped spark the American Revolution. He served as a commander in chief for Virginia’s forces , but resigned after 6 months. He focused on statesmanship and helped write the state’s constitution in 1776, and later getting elected as Virginia’s first governor that same year. He served three terms then left in 1779 and became a member of the state assembly. He then later served two more terms as governor in the mid-1780’s. In 1790, he went back to being a lawyer. He died on June 6, 1799. He was a great, speaker, and a great politician for America.

This speech was important because Henry inspired people to rebel against British rule. He used the peoples anger of british on America to fuel the revolution. He wanted to unite colonists for their