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Aim of Sports Leaders UK Level 1 Award (Junior Sports Leaders Award) The Sports Leaders UK Level 1 Award (JSLA) is designed to provide a starting point for young people or the term used by Sports Leaders UK is Candidates where each candidate / young person must be at least aged 14 years to start the award and not more than 16 years who want to develop their sports leadership skills; but don’t need to be sporting superstars – some get up and go or have an interest in helping and supporting others are all that is needed. Objectives of the Sports Leaders UK Level 1 Award (JSLA) • • • • Personal Development: helping people reach their true potential A Stepping Stone to Employment: providing then with a qualification to get started Developing Leadership: teaching them organisation, motivation and team work skills Volunteering in Communities: encouraging then to help others

Learning: Key skills for life. The award uses sport as a tool to enable young people / candidates develop vital skills for life such as planning and organising one and others, team work, communication and organisation. As a national recognised qualification, the award can be a stepping stone to employment, further education or training. Many candidates, who complete the award, go on to support their local community by assisting in after hours school clubs, or in a local youth club or sports centres. Above all, it’s a fun course, open to all, that helps young people to grow and develop. About: The Award. The award is a ‘hands on’ course which is practically taught. The syllabus is designed to develop generic skills, which can be applied to a variety of sporting activities, as well as contributing to the candidate’s personal and social education. It is a practical

qualification in which candidates should demonstrate knowledge and understanding mainly through physical competence rather than written work. The candidate’s ability as a competent leader should be assessed by observation, rather than by written assessment. At the end of the course, candidates put the skills learnt in to action by leading a minimum of one hour of sporting activity for which they have been the sole organiser. Each session is supervised by a qualified youth worker who has completed the Sports Leaders UK Tutor Training course. Whilst each course can be tailored to meet the requirements of particular groups, it takes about 32 hours to complete the whole course – roughly ten to twelve weeks at two hours a week. The units: of the Award. Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Unit 5 Unit 6 Unit 7 Planning, preparing and assisting a simple sporting activity Basic communication skills for leading a sporting activity Principles and practice in delivering a basic health and fitness session Understanding fair play in sport Understanding the role of the sports official Understanding the scope of local sports and recreation activities Demonstration of leadership skills in sport

Supporting the: National Curriculum The award is a great way of delivering and complimenting the required parts of Key Stage 4 of the National Curriculum for Physical Education. As well as the generic aspects of leadership taught by the award it also complements many of the requirements of the citizenship agenda. These include: Developing skills for enquiry and communication. Developing skills for participation and responsible action PSHE elements include: Developing confidence and responsibility. Developing a healthier, safer lifestyle. Developing good relationships. Respecting the differences between people. Most importantly, the Sports Leaders UK Level 1 Award (JSLA) provides a fun course for young people to participate in and give them an insight into employment one can gain through sports leadership.

Aim of the Sports Leaders UK Level 1 Award in Community Sports Leadership (CSLA). The prime aim of the CSLA is to produce responsible, motivated and confident young people who can lead safe, purposeful and enjoyable