Sports and Society Essay

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Sport is commonly seen as a part of society. Although one finds the role of sport in society more important than others, the fact is that sports is an essential component of our society. Since sport is a part of our society, it automatically has an influence on its functioning. This means that if groundbreaking things happen in sports, there will directly be noticeable consequences in everyday life. If we talk about effects in the long run, the so-called Heysel tragedy is a good example, in which an x number of people died because they were crushed against fences while standing and watching a football match. This has led to the prohibition of standing-places from that moment on in football stadiums. It followed that the
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The question is, however, whether this could go on or not, since the current state of affairs, with regard to the economy, is not at his best. Arguably, the answer is already there, as the last half year the transfer market has most come to a standstill and clubs have financial problems, the result being a stagnation of the recruiting of new players.

Since sports events like the World Cups and Olympics Games can give an enormous boost to a country’s economy, hosting such an event is incredibly popular to many countries’ government. Although these events require a lot of monetarily and physical investment in for instance the infrastructure, stadiums and the tourist industry, they offer economic, reputational and social benefits for the country where the event is hosted.

Sports and politics
At times, sports and politics are significantly influential to each other. According to many critics, politics are having, or trying to get too much influence in sports and state that sports are meant to be a venue of entertainment and leisure, instead of one to be taken as seriously as a €200 billion war. The government is believed to be willing to gain too much influence on regulations and certain rules in the games itself. However, we should take into account that the government funds many sports clubs, which are in fact not able to keep their