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Assignment 8

Hypothetical test preparation plan:
Week Steps to success
1 Day 1: Review the syllabus, locate teacher’s office and introduce yourself, ask about expectations for the class and see how the teachers grading scale works, become familiar with chapter 1 and be ready in class with questions about chapter one, also make note of the types of questions that will be on the exam- multiple choice and true/ false. Day 2: Write down key points talked about in class. Review your notes and read chapter 2 to prepare for the next class.
2 Day 3: After class review your notes and then visit your teacher in their office hours to clear up anything that you got caught up with during the week, then create some space for yourself tonight to read chapter 3
Day 4: Ask questions in class about any information about last week that was not clear and now that you know how the notes will be taken and the style of notes you will need for preparation, begin to make a study guide outline for the test. Make sure to keep up with chapter 4 reading.
3 Day 5: Only this class and one more class before the first test, come to class with any questions and begin reviewing the study guide for your chapters while remembering to add to it what you learned today.
Day 6: Come to class with your study guide and pay attention to the teachers review to compare it to yours to see if you left out any key information.
4 Day 7: Test 1, keep calm and take each question one at a time. Do not rush and write down any key information that you can remember off the top of your head on the exam
Day 8: Write down the questions you got wrong and the correct answers on your study guide outline. These will come in handy on the final. Make sure to visit your teacher’s office hours and clear your mind as to why you got them wrong.
5 Day 9: Come to class prepared, having already read chapter 5 and wrote down one or two questions regarding the material. Make a note on what information the instructor thought was important on the first exam because similar types of information will be on the next.
Day 10: Spend a day at the library organizing all of your information in your outline and your notes to make sure nothing gets lost and making sure that everything is easily accessible so you don’t waste time when trying to study later.
6 Day 11: Create a mini practice quiz with chapters 5, 6, 7, and 8 to prepare yourself and help you better remember the information.
Day 12: Visit your teacher in her office with your study guide and your mini quiz to see not only if you are studying the correct information but also if you’re studying the right things about the information. Focusing on what your teacher thinks is important.
7 Day 13: Teachers 2nd test review, come prepared with your revised and organized review and make sure to edit it again keeping it on par with the teacher’s key issues. Ask plenty of questions about the information and possibly create a study group with individuals you’ve met and study this weekend Day 14: Holiday, keep up with information and email teachers with questions but do not let the coursework stress your life and enjoy your holiday but remember to make the appointment with you classmates to prepare for test 2.
8 Day 15: Test 2. You know what to expect and have prepared adequately. Make sure to write down what you have memorized and any other last minute key information. Take the questions from easy to hard and general to specific. Reward yourself after with some video games or a fun night out.
Day 16: Final block until the final exam. Now you know what is going to be expected of you and can prepare accordingly. Write down the chapters for the next exam- 9, 10, 11, 12 and keep your study guide organized and up to date with your notes. Add the questions you missed as well as the questions you thought you missed and answers to your study guide as this will help you when you talk about them with your teacher in her office.
9 Day 17: