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Summer Journal
Lindsay Pastor

I enjoyed reading Games of Throne. This book was sometimes easy to follow and at other times hard. The reason because there are so many different characters and locations to follow. For example, the Stark family is from the North. Many other families are from all directions. The good thing is that the book does have a map to pinpoint where the characters are located where they are heading to. I found myself looking at the map many times in order to followed what was going on. There was a lot of traveling happening in this story. The Night watch is located in the North. Princess Daenerys is marching from the East. The Targaryen's are from the West, the Lannister are from middle by the east shore. I did like the Stark family, which is led by Edward Stark. The lord of the North. Edward Stark has six kids and there symbol is Direwolf. All of the six kids each have a great wolfs. I believe people feared these wolves, I would of. The Starks were content as I believe they were, until King Robert Boratheon visits them and asks Edward stark to be hand of the King. Edward didn’t want to do it, but it seemed he couldn’t refuse King Robert. I thought he should of refused, being the King's hand because well after accepting this new duty, everything changed for the Stark family and not for the better. I disliked the Lannister family. The Starks and the Lannister do not get along expect for Tyrion. He seemed to be the most down to earth and smartest. King Robert was married to Cersei Lannister, the Queen. She is very selfish and the bad part she was found to be having an affair with her twin brother Jamie, a powerful knight. In my opinion, Jamie is also evil as he pushed Young Bran Stark off a tower and become paralyzed. Jamie pushed him because Bran he caught Jamie with his sister and this had to remain a secret. Tyrion, is a dwarf, who is funny and smart. He and Cersei do not get along. Queen Cersei, is truly evil. She cares about power, money and is manipulative. I believe so, since Young Bran Stark lived, she then sent someone to kill him in his own bed, but Bran's wolf saved him. Also Cersei has three kids, which are not the Kings and they all look like her brother Jaime. Lord Stark finds out and tells Cersei. She responds to him that she doesn’t care what he knows! I believe Cersei is also behind the death of her husband King Robert who dies, without a cause. So, I predict that Cersei, this evil Queen will see what she deserves at the end. I predict that she will probably be hung in public and all her evil doing will be announced to all. She will put her family to shame and they will loose power. Expect for Tyrion, Tyrion may find a way to stay wealthy and powerful as he is smart and charming. The character Jon Snow who is called the “bastard”, I feel sorry for him. His father Edward cares for him but Edward's wife Lady Catelyn, seems not to like him. John joined the Night watch who protect the North wall. I really didnt understand why since John comes