Environmental Pollution Is A Big Problem In Today's Society

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Environmental Pollution


Kollin Kamaunu


Dr. Vine

September 25, 2013

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Pollution is a big problem in today's society. As the population increases so does our pollution

problems. That just does not only mean rubbish, it means all the pollution in the air, land and sea that

has been made by “human creations.” Population explosions can create a negative effect on cultural,

economic, social and environmental systems. The rising number of population will create a larger

traffic problems, lack of available space and decrease in the air quality.

In the Eastern Europe there is Keywich, a city in Casadonia which has faced these population

spikes. Their population has increased by 145% from 1995 to 2001. They expect that by 2008 it would

increase to 1,600,00. The city council I Keywich are attempting to come up with ideas to help prepare

the community to be ready to avoid the destruction of the city. They hired private companies to address

the problems arising due to the population increase. The companies will assist the city with a waste

management program that will succeed in keeping the city clean and also a maximum capacity for


In a simulation conducted by Kollin Kamaunu in measures to reduce pollution his choices

where to create random emissions testing, promote fuel efficient cars, encouraging car pools to work

and to also create a pollution control legislation for factories to follow. While doing so he had a budget

of 18 million Euros to stay under. In another simulation called a “Heap of Trash” they chose to

compost organic and solid waste,