statement of honors purpose Essay

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Statement of honors purpose
My name is Luca. I am a current sophomore student studying at college of Business. The first time I get to know about honors is from my foundation course BUSAD 101. It is an excellent program where I can enrich my academic years with the help of the most professional teachers and at the same time meet and study with the students of high ability. As far as I am concerned, university is a place for students to make preparations for their future career. I always want to make my campus life meaningful and rich. Besides, I am the kind of person who enjoys learning new things and meeting the challenges. Honor program is such a platform that students can take advantage of educational and intellectual opportunities and challenges. By mastering some practical skills in terms of leadership and team work, I believe I am capable of not just finishing work missions efficiently, but also assembling the whole team to achieve the goal. I am pretty sure that I could be completely prepared for my new job or study in the future after studying in honor program.
In addition, honor program has a high requirement for students’ academic performance, which means you have to work hard all the time to keep your GPA above 3.5. Academic performance plays a key role of demonstrating a student’s learning ability. So you have to make a specific plan for each of your course of each semester and even the whole college years. It is necessary to make a final goal of your