Essay on States: Connecticut and Florida

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Which state did you like living in? This is the question my friend asked me, when I thought about it I could not answer her right away. So I started to think about it and many good and bad things came to mind when I would think about each state. I have lived in florida my entire life and absolutely love it down there, But recently my husband was offered a job in Connecticut so we packed up everything and moved. Connecticut was really beautiful and had tons of culture and things to do, but Florida had always been our home. In the next few papragrahs I will talk about the pro's and con's of each state.

When my husband was offered the job in connecticut, we sat down and talked about weather or not he should take the job or not. The job is only for six or seven months a year, usually from April to October. The job is almost something you can't pass up, good salary, paid vacations, paid holidays, stock, 401k and insurance. So he decided to take the job and for the last few years we have been gong back and forth summers there and winters in Florida. Well our daughter is now almost 4 and will be going start kindergarten next year and we need to make a decision on which state we would like to stay in full time. There are so many good and bad things in each state that we are having a tough time deciding.

In this paragraph I will talk about the pro's and con's of connecticut. Now when I think about us no longer spending the summer or fall in connecticut I get kinda sad, there is nothing like living up north in the fall. There is so much for the kids to do, museums, tons of parks, there is always fairs going on, farms, apple picking, pumpkin farms and cutting down your own christmas tree are to just name a few things we love doing in Connecticut. Some other things we enjoy doing are boating on the connecticut river and Long Island sound, the scenery is beautiful but the water is very cold. I am very much in love with antiques and there are tons on antique shops Some things that I do not like about Connecticut is the crime rate in neighboring towns is a little higher then I would like, We live in a very nice town but the bad part of town is only 10 minutes away. On other thing that I do not like is how cold the water is all year long, being a florida girl I love being in the water and so do my children. It seems like the good is outweighing the bad for connecticut but I am still not sure which state