Staying Connected with Your Spouse Essay

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In the beginning of any marriage, couples experience many changes that change within the interpersonal relationship that was formed by the couple. After the honeymoon is over, the biggest change is adapting to one another once the change has been made. Things that a couple normally does not see, while dating, will be in the light. Things such as one person snores while sleeping, leaving the toilet seat up, or evening bad habits the changes the views of each spouses. When people date and are in a commented relationship, this is known as the beginning because everything is simple and the people could easily leave the relationship without consequences. Marriage is a totally different scenario because couples have to work at building a marriage that will last. In order for a marriage to succeed, a couple must understand and learn how to communicate effectively to build their interpersonal relationship stronger. As the marriage continues, each spouse will see more and more aspects of their spouse that they may or may not like. There are principles and misconceptions in effective interpersonal communications that couple must understand when it comes to communicating among each other. “Friendship, acceptance by others, and the ability to both give and receive love are powerful needs for all humans, and they drive much of our interpersonal communication (Sole, 2011).” The elements that form interpersonal communication are the sender known as the speaker, the receiver, the message, the channel in which the message is received by the receiver, and feedback known as the response.
Respect with one another and listening while one person is talking are some key elements in effective communication within a marriage while communicating. Couples are easily misguided in communication when it comes to respect. Respect is treating the other person as you want to be treated as a human being and keeping an open-mind when the other person is making any suggestions. There are going to be times where spouses need some time to get a breather before communicating so that things are not taking out of proportion with anger, which could lead to things being said that are not meant to be said. “Communication among partners also involves giving each other space and time to communicate as we listen to them but this does not mean one person talking all the time (Pierce, 2001).” Effective communication between a couple’s interpersonal relationships is crucial. Being a newlywed couple, there are a lot of transitions that take place. Some of these transitions come for friends and family respecting the relationship, along with the way couples deal with their problems. Before the marriage, each spouse relied on their friends and family members for advice on many subjects. The hardest thing that couples go through is breaking away from their advice “go to people” and finding comfort in their spouse that may have the right answers or may be able to tell them the things that they need to hear. This is a transition that many couples forget about that could cause problems later for the relationship. Communication in interpersonal relationships could play as the biggest source for problems or the biggest source for positive interpersonal bonds. The results depend on how well couples become comfortable using effective communication while dropping personal barriers.
The barriers that hinder effective interpersonal interactions with married couples are known as physical, emotional, language, and culture. Physical barriers are things such as self-concepts that make each spouse’s identity. Things like appearances, what each spouse likes or dislikes, what they are good at, and if they are an out-going or shy person are all physical barriers that effective interpersonal interactions. For example, one spouse maybe a party person and the other maybe known as a stay at home person. They are both different but they have drawn a line of respect and understanding for