Steffens Once Said Power Is What Essay

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Steffens once said, “Power is what men seek and any group that obtains it will abuse it.” In other words, once authority is achieved it is guaranteed to be used in the wrong ways. I do not think this quote is correct because power is not always used for bad things. However, the quote can be effectively demonstrated in the novel Montana 1948. In the novel Montana 1948, there are many examples of power being abused. One of these examples is the way that Frank took advantage of women while doing his job. This event shows that Frank becomes greedy with his power and does not think of the consequences he may face. The author characterizes Frank by giving him these actions. The reader can understand that Frank is a selfish person after what he has done. Frank already has a very loving wife but he still continued to do the wrong thing with his job. Once Frank gained all of the respect and authority of the town it is clear he abused it. Frank did a very wrong thing with the power that he had. There are many examples of power being abused in this novel. Julian also abuses his power in a significant way. When Frank is being kept in the basement, Julian tries to break him out. This is relevant to the quote because Julian is using his power and authority for the wrong things. The author characterizes Julian with these events. The reader can understand that Julian is a very demanding person. When Julian took the actions of trying to steal Frank from the basement, it shows that