Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone Essay

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Aracely De La Cruz
Comp II 2305.07
2.3 Exploratory Essay Bravery. It's a word associated with the ability to stand up for yourself or the determination to take risks. So basically, no one would ever say that about me because I am a person who doesn't really care enough to stand up for myself or determined enough to take risks. I just go with whatever else is happening in my life and never step out of my established, little circle. Why should I? I like the way I am without taking risks or having to defend myself against or for anything. Staying where I am, who I am without all the anticipation, suspension, or excitement caused by and corresponding to bravery is fine with me. But without taking risks in your life, people call you boring, cowardly, mellow. You never experience the rush of exhilaration often described in books whenever someone does something exciting, brave, or dramatic. And so being the boring person that I am, I decided one day to step out of the circular wall that I have built around me and try to get a taste of what it is like to be out of my comfort zone. The main question was how I do that. This was just the first tiny step out of my familiar abode high up in the air and I didn't want it to be too big because what if I messed up and fell?
And that was not a risk that I was willing to take. But what determines whether the action you chose is a risk or not? You can determine it by whether or not your friends have done it,