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My Life: How it Fell Apart
My name is Jake Rebello. I was born on November 24th I’m told that everyone was so excited for me to come into this world. Especially my mom her and I always had a special bond. She was always my undisputed best friend I got along best with her we were inseparable. And whenever I look in the mirror I always see her I have Middle Eastern skin identical to hers and we have the same nose and eyes and definitely the same smile. Oh that smile I saw it so many times it would always make me happy to know that I could make my momma laugh. I was always special to her. Fast forward to 4th grade I was always brutally made fun of because since I was always around my mom, my dad was always working, I got along better with girls rather than boys. By the end of 4th grade I got my first nickname Gacob instead of Jacob. I was always made fun of because I was supposedly gay but no one ever made an attempt to ask me if I was or not. I remember every day after school I would hold my tears in all day so I could come home and cry and everyday my mom would scoop me up and hug me and tell me it was okay and that whatever they said didn’t matter while I was home because she loved no matter what and she would always have tears in her eyes because I could tell that it hurt her that I was so badly made fun of I always knew that she would always be there for me and she was up until I turned 12 my dad’s business shut down and left both my parents without jobs so my mom got a job with the army as a crime scene investigator and 6 months after that she was always on trips all across the country for cases and classes a year after that she left went to Georgia telling us in a year we would all be together again and living there one year to the month she called my dad and told him she wanted a divorce