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Stewart Hopkins

Stewart Hopkins is a world famous Olympic athlete. Born in 1984(29) in Royal Windsor hospital Hopkins spent most of his childhood and in his 3 acre garden, running and doing various sports. At the age of 14 Hopkins entered his first competition for athlete of the year 1998. This included many sports such as, five thousand meter run, 100m sprint, long jump, javelin and many more. Amazing Hopkins took part in each and every one of these events and placed first in all, apart from javelin. This was such a great achievement for Stewart. He really enjoyed sport and wanted to become an Olympic athlete, however his parents refused to let him. Mr and Mrs Hopkins were fuming as they found out that young Stewart had left his private school to go to an athlete’s school. They wanted their son to follow in their foot- steps and become a property developer. After days of arguing with his parents and weeks without talking them Stewart Hopkins ran away from his mansion in Windsor. He moved in with his uncle and aunty. He attended the academy of sports science in Manchester and went on to win many competitions. His parents were shocked at his behaviour but could not do anything to persuade him to come back home. They apologised to him, however he refused to come back. Stewart Hopkins then went on to do professional long jump. He now holds the world record for longest long jump and fastest 100m sprint. At the age of 25 Hopkins returned to his parents. He gave all his apologies and they were immediately accepted. In 2012 Stewart