Stop Animal Testing Persuasive Essay

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For years thousand of companies test their products on animals and experiment on them causing horrible effects. These animals are innocent and do not deserve to be treated like this. Those experiments cause the animals to form deformities and diseases. However if you help out and do your part you can help prevent animal testing. There are many alternatives to animal testing that people do not know about. Animal testing is a big issue and should be stopped. Every year, 100 million animals are tested on and almost all animals end up dying. Animal testing consists of forcing animals to inhale toxic gas, and injecting animals with potentially harmful substances. Mice, frogs, monkeys, fish, dogs, cats, and rabbits undergo these procedures with no painkillers. Rats and chimps are the most used animals because they share 98% of our …show more content…
Animal testing causes animals to be depressed and sad.Those experiments cause animals to spin in circles, rock back and forth, pull out their own fur out and even biting themselves. These animals are horrified every time someone walks past there cage because the don’t know what the next horrific experiment will be next. Animals are scared because they see other animals being killed right in front of them. These are some reasons why animal testing should end. However there are things you can can do prevent animal testing. There are many things people can do to help prevent animal testing. One way buy cruelty free products. Some free cruelty companies are Lush, Elf makeup, and bath and body works. Another thing people can do is look at home on the back of beauty and cleaning products with the label PETAS. Having PETAS written on the product means that the product is animal cruelty free. The best thing a person can do is educate others. By educating others you can help prevent animal testing. If everyone did this there would be a lot less suffering