Store Analysis of Victoria's Secret and Intimissimi Essay

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Store Atmosphere
Store atmosphere is created by the design, color, and layout of the store. Both exterior and interior design affect atmosphere.
External factors: architectural design, signs, window display and use of color, which together create an identity for a retailer and attract customers. The image that is projected should be consonant with the ethos of the shop.
Interior factors: store lighting, fixtures and fittings, and layout. Color, sound, and smell can affect mood.
In this presentation we are going to compare two companies: Victoria Secret and Intimissimi.
The layout of both stores is free flow, fixtures and merchandise are grouped into free-flowing patterns on the sales floor – no defined traffic pattern. Works best when
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Wallpaper and mirrors aim to flatter, not frighten. The changing room is one of most important areas because it can be a total sales killer. Therefore, Victoria secret invested in a more comfortable and inviting environment. * The same can’t be implied to intimissimi as their fitting rooms are too bright and it is obvious that they haven’t invested enough in terms of good fabrics, nice fixtures or fittings and not successful in creating atmosphere that would invite customer to spend more time than intented. It’s called intimissimi but there is no feeling of intimacy and comfort inside. * As we entered we noticed that the fittings and fixtures were flowing with the overall atmosphere of both stores. These elements play an essential role in creating a suitable customer environment. Even if a single detail doesn’t match the atmosphere it can push the customer away. * The main fixtures and fittings of VS are drawers rather than hangers because it looks more organised and spacious. Easy access for the customers and employees to find the product size. The laces attached to the painted images of drawers on the wall make the atmosphere look girly, stylish and big dolls’ house. * As for Intimissimi, their fittings create a smart look of the retail store. Some of the elements used,(pointing drawer, lamp, picture frame) suggest a modern