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All examinations are run in accordance with the University Examination Regulations. Please ensure that you read the regulations before your examinations. Any breach of the Examination Regulations may result in disciplinary action being taken.
It is the responsibility of candidates to check their personal examination timetable to ensure that they are aware of the details of examinations and that there is no clash in their timetable. Any clash should be reported to their School /Programme Examination Office.
You should enter you Candidate Number on to all scripts and also any other material submitted for marking.
You will find you Candidate Number on the front of your ID card. It is also displayed on your personal timetable; it is the six digit number.
Candidates are not allowed into examination rooms until permission to enter is given by the Chief Invigilator a few minutes before the designated start time.
Candidates must sit in the seat allocated to them as displayed on the attendance list posted outside the examination room.
All coats and bags, etc. belonging to the candidates must be left well away from the desks, usually at the back of the room. Coats may not be left on the backs of chairs. You are strongly recommended not to take valuables into the examination room. Aston University does not accept responsibility for personal possessions in the examination rooms. Small items, such as keys, money, etc. may be placed in a transparent plastic pencil case, and placed on the desk. This will be subject to inspection by invigilators during the course of the examination.
Mobile telephones and all other electronic devices must be switched off and completely deactivated during examinations.
Food is not permitted in any examination room, unless a request is made on medical grounds. You may take a small bottle of water, but not a can of fizzy drink.
Candidates must ensure that their Aston University identity card is placed on their desk for checking, as required.
If calculators are permitted or required for an examination, they will be supplied by the Examinations Office. The model provided will be the Casio FX 85MS or the HP 10s Scientific Calculator. Any non-university calculators found in examination rooms will be confiscated.
Candidates must not commence writing until told to do so by the Chief Invigilator. You must stop writing immediately when told to do so by the Chief Invigilator.
At the end of the examination, candidates must remain silent and seated until all scripts have been collected.
Any personal property that is left in an examination room will be taken to the Examinations Office, Room MBG18.
Examination results are obtained from Schools. Registry does not inform students of their results under any circumstances.
ROOMS IN USE DEPT | Department. Your Programme Secretary, School Secretary or School/Programme Examinations Officer will have details of which room will be used. | MBG63 | Ground Floor, Main Building. Adjacent to Great Hall, off west corridor. Seating plan and candidate…