Story Of Keesh Analysis

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Survival and Strength
In the excerpt from Life of Pi and the story “The Story of Keesh” both characters are stuck living in an extreme environment, trying to find any way to stay alive. In the excerpt from Life of Pi the main character Pi is stuck in the middle of the Pacific Ocean after a terrible shipwreck, and is left alone on a lifeboat with a bengal tiger, hyena, and a zebra. In the old folktale “The Story of Keesh” Keesh is the son of the greatest hunter who lived in the village, Bok. He is living in a village where now that his father is gone the hunters and the council is not giving everyone a fair share of food, so he will not keep shut and will go out to hunt in the extreme environment of the freezing cold. Therefore, in the stories
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In the story the author states “The hunters were aghast. The like had never been known before. A child, that talked like a grown man, and said harsh things to their very faces!”(London 62). The hunters are not happy that a child is going against them, but in Keesh’s mind he is being brave for standing up to the council and making them own up to their mistakes of not giving everyone a fair share. This example now shows how strength and courage can help inspire the will to survive, in the text it says “...he rose from the meanest igloo to be head man of his village, and through all the years that he lived, it is related, that his tribe was prosperous, and neither widow nor weak one cried aloud in the night because there was no meat.” (London 73). The author is demonstrating to the reader how Keesh’s strength and courage made him go from being just a normal kid in the village to the chief of the village. Therefore making him known to be just like his father, giving everyone an equal share and leading a great tribe. To end, in the story Keesh says “I too his son, shall go and hunt the meat I eat. And be it known, that the division of that which I kill shall be fair. And no widow nor weak one shall cry in the night because …show more content…
To sum up, in the stories Life of Pi and “The Story of Keesh” the author communicates to the reader that it takes courage and strength to help the characters survive living in an extreme environment, and with skill and action they will have to do their best to