Strategic Audit of a Corporation Essay

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Strategic Audit of a Corporation

I. Current Situation
A. Current Performance . How did the corporation perform the past year overall in terms of return on investment, market share, and profitability?
B. Strategic Posture What are the corporation's current mission, objectives, strategies, and policies? 1. Are they clearly stated or are they merely implied from performance? 2. Mission: What business(es) is the corporation in? Why? 3. Objectives: What are the corporate, business, and functional objectives? Are they consistent with each other, with the mission, and with the internal and external environments? 4. Strategies: What strategy or mix of strategies is the corporation following? Are they consistent with each other,
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5. Does the company take into consideration the values of each nation's culture in which the firm operates?
C. Corporate Resources
1. Marketing
a) What are the corporation's current marketing objectives, strategies, policies, and programs? i) Are they clearly stated, or merely implied from performance and/or budgets?

ii) Are they consistent with the corporation's mission, objectives, strategies, policies, and with internal and external environments? b) How well is the corporation performing in terms of analysis of market position and marketing mix (that is, product, price, place, and promotion) in both domestic and international markets? What percentage of sales comes from foreign operations? Where are current products in the product life cycle? i) What trends emerge from this analysis?

ii) What impact have these trends had on past performance and how might these trends affect future performance?

iii) Does this analysis support the corporation's past and pending strategic decisions?

iv) Does marketing provide the company with a competitive advantage?

c) How well does this corporation's marketing performance compare with that of similar corporations? d) Are marketing managers using accepted marketing concepts and techniques to evaluate and improve product performance? (Consider product life cycle, market segmentation, market research, and product portfolios.)

e) Does marketing adjust to the conditions