Strategic Management and Successful It-related Change Essay

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Topical Study Guide for Exam 1

To help focus your efforts in preparing for Exam 1, you may find the following list of topics useful in your review of Chapters 1 & 2.
1. An understanding of the general concept of information technology in business, including the meaning of, and the relationship among, the following:
a. Information systems
b. Function IT, network IT, and Enterprise IT
c. Examples of the each of the three categories/types of IT
2. Understanding the three roles of managers relating to information technology in business, including:
a. Identifying appropriate IT opportunities
i. The magnitude of IT investment ii. The relationship of IT investment to business needs, objectives, goals and strategies iii. The basis of true productivity gain and sustainable competitive advantage iv. The importance of top-down imposition of technology standards in support of successful development and implementations of enterprise IT
b. Smoothing the introduction and adoption of IT
i. Identify, describe, and distinguish two theories of change management and technology acceptance ii. Organizational complements necessary for successful IT-related change, and there relevance to the adoption and implementation of function IT, network IT and enterprise
c. Ensuring the mitigation of IT Risks
i. IT-related compliance risk ii. Protection of IT assets iii. Security of data assets iv. Examples of IT risks
3. Basic concepts of strategic planning, including:
a. Overall process of