Strategic Management Case Study

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1. Introduction:
VanBaren (no date) believe that the purpose of strategic management is given distinct direction to satisfy the customers’ needs to employees by planning the steps to the goals. Strategic management are often use by companies to evaluate and analysis of their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to set put the goals and try to achieve them. This analysis assist companies to understand current conditions in their field industry and environment, the purpose is to turn weaknesses into strengths and threats into opportunities. Once it success, the companies can possess higher competitive advantages to resist with their competitors. Strategic management allows employees to achieve and finish their jobs more efficiently
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(2010) consider that strategic management is a study field that includes a process through which a company or organization is able to determine its mission, vision, goals and objective as well as companies develop plan, program and various levels of execute strategies at of its industry condition and position in order to create and struggle for their competitive advantage. It provides a holistic view of an organization and also helps organizations to find the importance of their work and goals and list them in priority, it. Barnat (2014) stress that strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and evaluation and control are the three stages in continuous process of strategic management. Top management, board of directors, and planning staff are mostly involved in the strategic management process, scholars believe that performing an environmental analysis, establishing organizational direction, formulating organizational strategy, implementing organizational strategy, evaluating and controlling strategy are all include in the major strategic management. The arisen of strategic management could date back to 400 B.C and linked to the works of Sun Tzu and to Carl von Clausewitz in the …show more content…
The top down approach are used by firms, with the core of the decision-making process by the top management. Competitive advantages can be provide and maintain by strategic intent, it also gives a concept about what an organization are necessary to get immediately in order to achieve the company’s vision. Strategic intent can direct the organization’s attention on the need and want of successful, inspiring staff by analysis and telling valuable and existing target market, draw all company’s staffs attention and determination as encourage every individual or team participation to contribute for the firm, and take advantage of strategic intent to conduct resources allocating. Management can focus and give the most weight on the priorities of most important task through using strategic intent, an organization’s resource potential and core competencies influence and affect firms to achieve the impossible and challenging goals in the competitive environment which may seem to be unachievable t at first. A well and complete strategic intent should express guide the development organization or steer the goals and objectives setting that require maximum value to be controlled by all of organization’s competencies