HRM As Strategic Partner Essay

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Cynthia Steele
March 14, 2015
HRM as a Strategic Partner

The main purpose of this article is… The purpose of this article is to focus on the importance of the partnership of the human resource department to the success of organization and its workforce. “Profitability is one of the primary reasons why human resources management should be a strategic business partner.” (Ruth Mayhew, 2014)
The key question that the authors are addressing is… The key question the authors are addressing is “Why Is It Important for HR Management to Be a Strategic Business Partner?” Recognizing the worth of HR management is a serious step in developing business strategy, and it takes human resources management’s cutting-edge principles and business insight to put those plans into action. Although many HR functions have begun to play a strategic role in guiding succession management, knowledge retention, and other business initiatives, there is still opportunity for such functions to improve and truly transform key influencers and decision-makers. The persistent need for organizations to maintain a diverse pool of talented leaders, capture expertise from exiting employees, and outsource transactional activities to focus on core capabilities has heightened the importance of the HR function.
The most important information in the article is… The most important information in this article is providing insight on how human resource departments/manager affects a company’s profitability, funding, perception, balance and value. Another aspect of becoming a strategic partner with the business is demonstrating support for organizational/business strategies through alignment with those strategies. Such alignment puts HR in a better position to deliver value, which thereby demonstrates credibility. Increasing credibility leads to increased trust, which cements the HR department’s position as a strategic partner in the organization. Human resources enhance skills and training, justify funding for team work exercises and activities and human resources management enables executive leadership to strike a balance within the organization. (Ruth Mayhew, 2014)
The main point of view presented in this article is… The main point of view presented in this article is recognizing the importance of the HR-business strategic partnership, leadership development, and recruitment and retention of talent can lead to company improvements.
The key concept we need to understand in this article is… The key concept in my opinion that we need to understand from this article is that