Stress: Personal Life and New Boss Essay example

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Mrs. Cole
College Success
Stress, something everyone deals with every day; whether it is running out of gas on payday, or something as simple as forgetting to do your homework. Many people keep stress bottled up, which is not a good thing. Stress is very hard on a person’s body, and it contributes to illnesses such as, the common cold, frequent headaches, ulcers, and strokes, just to name a few. There is no escape from stress, but there are several things to help overcome and help control it. Laughter is a key ingredient in reducing stress. Stress is defined as the way we react, positively or negatively, to physical and emotional change. Stress can come from any situation or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. Stress is a part of daily life and one can experience it in the work place, at school or just in their personal life’s. It may seem that there is nothing we can do about our stress level, school is a demanding place. Maintaining a certain grade point average in order to keep you financial aid or even keep your parents happy is very stressful and complicated for many students to do. The courses become increasingly harder the deeper you get into you degree. More time must be spent out of your schedule to study and do homework. The most stressful thing is adapting to a new life on campus. The bills aren’t going to stop coming, neither is stress at the workplace. A new boss at the job, changing the rules and being strict against