Struggle: Struggle and Fredrick Douglass Essay

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Struggle is to keep trying and trying to get things to go well in life, but never do get better. Many people deal with the struggle in today’s society. Everyone has a different type of struggle. We can turn on the television and see all sorts of commercials for those in other countries needing clothes and/or food. In the past 6 years, I have overcome many obstacles. There are many things like relationships, addictions, job searching that can cause struggles. When I turn on the television, all I see are commercials for children who are starving and have no parents or about how a family lives with no running water or food to eat. To see the children walk around with no shoes nor clothes on can hit one in the heart with wanting to help out anyway possible. We also see animal shelters on television asking for help with dogs and cats that have been beaten, malnourished, or even abandoned. These are just a few things that I see on television that can relate to struggle. Finally, since I was 18, I have dealt with struggle. I had my first child then learned how hard it was to do it by myself. I now try to support three kids while going to school and not working. The price of everything has gone up which makes it harder to provide for a family with a little income. I have struggled with my son’s disability. I try and make it to all his therapies, to help him overcome his challenge to walk and have his own independence. There are many things that can be related to struggle to…