Glory Movie Essay

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Based off of true history, the movie Glory tells the story of the the 54th Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in the United States Civil War. The 54th Regiment was the first all black volunteer company, besides the white commanders. Perhaps an ironic title, Glory depicts the problems and the struggles that face the platoon both from outside racism to internal conflict; as well as the victories and triumphs. Glory is a reminder of the roles of African Americans in the Civil War. One of the movie’s main characters is Sergeant Major John Rawlins, acted by Morgan Freedman, plays a critical role in the movie as the only black Sargent in the platoon. Rawlins represents the role of African American political thinkers and leaders of the …show more content…
Born into slavery, Douglass escaped and became an anti-slavery activist. In his speeches and books he publicly denounced slavery and Jim Crow. Similarly, Rawlins stands for much of the same. While visiting a town Rawlins makes a reference of being an ex slave and tells a little boy, “Ain't no dream. We runaway slaves but we come back fighting men. Go tell your folks how kingdom come in the year of jubilee!” Regardless of of if this is true or just rhetoric, it is clear that from this quote and from other scenes in the movie that this regiment is at least partially made up of ex slaves. Moreover, Rawlins stand to fight for the same beliefs that Douglass argued for, a united union free from slavery. He recognized, as Douglass did, the importance of working with white allies and their role in helping the African American community. In many ways Douglass was unique among Washington and Dubois because he was a black leader who worked closely with white leaders to all accomish the same goal. In the movie Douglass is seen working with white people of power, is credited with helping create the 54th regiment, and is present at an important parade surrounded by northern white leaders. In the same way, Rawlins worked closely with white leaders of his platoon in an effort to achieve a similar