Struggles In The Outsiders

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Did you know that the Greasers were poorer than the Soc’s and the middle class.Some of the struggles for both the Soc’s and Greasers were they both have bad parents or broken home.Also they both have money problems.They both also are living dangerous lifestyles being in a gang and fighting each other with weapons. The struggle they have is money,family, and a rivalry.According to a website 60% of gang members are dead or in prison by the age of 20!This shows that being in a gang is dangerous and that is a struggle for both the Socs and Greasers.This is important because that is one of the struggles the gangs face.They also deal with loss in the novel “The Outsiders”.In the novel Dally and Johnny die from the Scoc’s hands.As a result, they both have struggles in their gangs.Therefore, they have struggles that come in many different ways.
The members in both Greasers and Soc’s were most likely pressured, convinced, or forced to join a gang.According to “The Allure of Gangs” it states that “often kids who join gangs feel alienated by their parents.Ponyboy’s parents died and the Soc’s parents let them anything they desire.This could be hard on such young boys.Also from the “Allure of Gangs” Some kids join gangs because a lack of academic achievement.Ponyboy gets good grades but other members of the Greasers like Johnny, Dally, Dave, Sodapop, two-bit,