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Everything we do is a process of constant duplication of certain actions and ultimately improving them with time. The time you were born, you did not know how to walk. Exactly the same happens with writing. “I hate literature and I hate anything related to writing!” this quote Sometimes reflect student’s phobias about writing are showed in a failure to even attempt a decent level of work. Being a foreign student I also working toward perfecting my writing skills overcoming the obstacles. I think I can be intelligent and hard-working student, and able to make good points orally. But, with one exception, I am going to have is difficulty organizing my thoughts into clear writing. It got to the point where I thought about dropping a course in writing, and feel that I dodged my duty to ensure that I am having difficulties to write clearly and correctly. Then I realize this claim that I had about doesn’t know how to write as it is, will only make matters worse. I had a background with little awareness in writing because they have had no personally sufficient experiences in writing in high school. I was one of those students who fail to give themselves enough time to handle the difficult process of planning, drafting, studying, and editing my work.

The problems for me are both micro and macro. Sometimes I don't know what subjects and verbs are, and they don't understand why a phrase like "Running to catch the bus" is not a complete sentence. One of my teacher defined "subject-verb agreement" this way: "That's like, if you're talking about a subject, and the audience agrees with you."
I believe most time that when I find a mistake in grammar or reason or presentation, it is because I don’t know “how” to write. When I find significant errors in my writing, I draw it up to one of three reasons: I did not care, I don’t know, or I didn’t see it. And I believe that the first and last are the most common causes of mistake. In other words, when push comes to shove, I’ve found that most of the occasions I really did have the right concept of how to write -- that is, if I can help myself learn to value and care about writing and then help myself to manage the time I need to compose effectively.

Maybe more annoying things for me that I…