Student: Bond and Financial Aid Essay

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Dear Financial Aid Recipient:

To view your aid, please follow the instructions below:

1. Visit the HCC web site at 2. Click on Student System Sign In 3. Log on using your User ID and Password. 4. Click on “Continue” at the bottom of the page 5. Under the Finances section; review the ‘Account Summary’ Box and make note of the amount you owe. 6. Also under the Finances section; click on View Financial Aid. 7. Select the 2014 aid year. 8. If you do not want the award that has been offered, you can decline the award, and select the SUBMIT button. The amount you have been awarded may increase/decrease if you drop, add or withdraw from classes. Checking your account frequently will keep you informed of any changes to your aid amount. You MUST accept OR decline ALL offered awards. Failure to complete this step may prevent your award(s) from processing. 9. If you want to know the credit amount you have available to purchase books and supplies, subtract the amount you owe for your tuition and fees from any grant that has been awarded and accepted. NOTE: You will not see this credit balance on your printed manual receipt but the HCC bookstore will be able to see the credit information in their system.

The financial aid you have been awarded will display on your account as “Anticipated”. The “Anticipated” aid status will prevent you from being dropped from your classes. If you are awarded a grant, it will “Disburse” to your student account according to the schedule posted online at If you have a credit balance remaining after your tuition, fees and books are paid it will be refunded to your HCC Eagle card or directly to your bank account (per your instructions) according to the refund schedule posted on To avoid any delay in receiving your debit card, please keep your mailing address up to date with the college. If you received an Eagle card during a previous semester, the same card will be used to access your credit balance this semester.

Important: If your financial aid is not enough to fully cover your tuition and fees, you must make arrangements with the HCC