Student: Donald Trump and Better Social Status Essay

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“You’re hired!” that is what the last contestant of a series called The Apprentice heard. All the other contestants had heard, “You’re fired!” Said by the most influential businessman of the world; Donald Trump. In my opinion employees should always try to seek advancement at their job. And I have a few reasons for that. First of all, if you advance in your job you will get better payment, this means you can enjoy a lot of the benefits of life. Also, advancement in your job gives you a better social status.

First, if you seek advancement in your job and you get it, it means that you will get better payment. If you have more money, your life will automatically get more easy. This is like one and one is two. If you have more money you can just enjoy more of the benefits in life, drive a nice car, have a nice house filled with nice furniture. It will get you more happiness. Although people always say, “Money doesn’t make you happy”, it does get you things that make you happy. For example, if my parents would have never tried to seek advancement in their job and gotten better jobs, I would have never even been able to sit here and type this essay. My parents simply couldn’t have afforded it. So seeking advancement in their job, shows how it can make life easier and more enjoyable.

Secondly, advancement in your job will get you a better social status. Not only because you will earn more money, but also because people will have more respect for you. It is a given fact that people have more respect for people that work hard for their money and really deserve it, than for people who have an okay job but never seek for improvement. Also a higher social status will get you into different clubs and get a higher position on the social ladder. This will give you the opportunity of meeting new,