MU Researchers Find Identical DNA Codes In Different Plant Species

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Brianna Crabtree
April 10, 2012
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Title: MU Researchers find Identical DNA Codes in Different Plant Species

Source: Biology News

Date or Article: April 9, 2012

Summary: This article is about how scientists at the University of Missouri found identical DNA codes in different plants. They used a new computer program called algorithm to find these strands. Like animal DNA that has some identical copies scientists could never find in plants, until now. This understanding helps with the evolution of life and also advances genetic sciences to fight disease while the computer program can help with medicine research.

Evaluation: The importance of this article is that scientists have a better idea of how our world’s plants got started. This article also helps with the research for better medicines using plants and the algorithm program on the computer that can detect mishaps with medicine and help improve the strength of medicines. Finding the identical copies of DNA in plants impacts the world around us and helps scientists get a better understanding of the evolution of life. The effect of this is very similar to when scientists found out that certain animals have identical DNA copies. With animals, this means someone could test medicines or chemicals but on plants scientists can test environmental factors and pesticides. “MU researchers find identical DNA codes in different plant species,” this relates to our biology class