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Jared Eudier
Reflection #14


1. What is the difference between Leadership and Management? Management and leadership are terms often used interchangeably. People generally assume that managers are leaders and leaders are managers. While it is true that some managers are leaders and some leaders are managers, leadership and management are two entirely different concepts.

Leaders normally seek to inspire people to work independently without having to babysit them, motivating them to do the best job possible. Leaders are also generally focused on constant improvement or growth and have their eye on the big picture at all times. Leaders are individuals who influence, inspiration, and motivate growth and vision.

Management compared to leaders has put forth much work and time to achieve their roll as a manager. Management is about coping with complexity. Management ensures a plan accomplished by controlling and problem solving. 2. What characteristics of a leader do you have? The Leadership characteristics that I posses are that I have a goal; I have a mission that I want to achieve. I have visions and goals that I set for myself and when working on projects I strive to achieve. Communication skills are another trait that I feel that I am strong in. The best way to ensure other people receive and understand the message is with face-to-face interactions. Finally the will to achieve, a can do attitude. 3. Are you a leader?