Student: Meditation and Sacred Space Essay

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Spirituality manifests and is experienced in knowing, which includes cognitive, intuitive, and energetic dimensions. Knowing provides ways of understanding our multidimensional nature and our relationships to the Sacred Source, self, others, Earth, and the cosmos. Knowing flows from a stance of openness and attuning to an inner source. It involves actively seeking knowledge and insights and maintaining an openness and receptivity to the lessons life offers. Spirituality reflected in one’s knowing includes appreciation of life as a gift and a sense of connectedness to all creation.

From being and knowing flows doing, the outward and more visible aspect of spirituality. Because doing is more tangible and measurable, it is the manifestation of spirituality that is most often addressed in healthcare literature. Generally, the concept of doing brings to mind activities such as attendance at religious services or ceremony, scripture study, prayer or meditation, participation as student or teacher in religious education, and spiritual reading. Spirituality can be demonstrated as well through actions such as assisting others, gardening, becoming involved in environmental concerns, attending to the sick, caring for family, spending time with friends, taking a walk, taking time to nurture one’s own spirit, and creating sacred space for self and others.

The concept of sacred space applies both to one’s inner being and to places in one’s environment. Although to “create” sacred space