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Unit 12 - P1 Internet Marketing
Marketing is the process companies carry out to get a product off the drawing board and into the hands of a customer. -
Internet marketing is when companies communicate to people either to create awareness about what they are about or to make sales. An example of this is by companies sending a certain message to people via email. This message could be in a form of promotion of a certain product, or a place which the company is opening out a new store in.
Internet marketing can also normally have a big part of promotion on online websites; this could include moving banners and messages which could draw the viewer’s interest into taking a further look.
Amazon is an online organisation set out to only operate online, the organisation’s main purpose is to put all the sellers and buyers into one handy little place so they can just go on Amazon, choose the cheapest price for the item they want, and order it.

Amazon is an organization which only operates online.
Amazon’s online aim is to be earth's most customer centric company; to build a site/place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online.

PC world
PC world is a retailer which sells electronically equipment such as Televisions, computers, Laptops, Pads, MP3 players etc.

They have an online website which allows you to purchase goods and also have them delivered to you. PC world also have stores all around the United Kingdom which sell high tech products, this is good because customers can go in and try out the products before buying them.

The main online objectives for PC world are to deliver a fast beating service that exceeds customers’ expectations. PC World also aims to offer the UK's largest range of products online and offline, with the UK's lowest prices. Extended Marketing Mix | PC world – How the extended marketing mix is achieved traditionally? (Brick and mortar) | PC world – how is the extend marketing mix is achieved online? | | Product | The products which PC world offers at their stores are mainly top notch electronics such as computers, laptops, HD televisions and others. They also offer some services, one of which is installing a car stereo after purchase. | The products PC world are selling are clearly listed on the home page of their online website, an in depth description of the products is also provided. Compared to their offline stores PC world’s online product analysis includes a “feedback” page where customers who previously bought a certain product give their opinion of it. | Amazon is a website which sells over a million products per year. Amazon’s range of products is never ending as “they sell pretty much every product on the market or that has been in the market previously.” | Price | The prices of the products at PC world’s store are listed below the products themselves. Sometimes price between buying online and buying from the PC world store may differ due to delivery costs and other expenses. PC world also use captive product pricing e.g. when they provide antivirus programs. They also use Psychological pricing by making their prices for laptops and other products finish with 99 e.g. laptops being £299.99. | The price of every individual product is provided on every product. PC World has deliberately created a “sales” page where people can see what has been put up for sale with exactly how much % is deducted from the original pricing. Psychological pricing is used by the online website of PC world by making their prices for laptops and other products finish with 99 e.g. laptops being