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Interactive map t See all our businesses Market overview Tesco in South Korea Tesco and Society
South Korea is the fourth largest economy in Asia and the 12th largest in the world with a population of around 50 million people.
According to research from Nielsen, supermarkets are largely used for top-up shops, and customers place value on price, freshness and quality. Online shopping sales have posted double-digit growth every year since 2000 and are expected to reach 32.5 trillion won, or nearly £20 billion, in 2013 as time-starved consumers increasingly turn to the internet to make purchases. Around 40% of online shoppers in South Korea used their smartphones to make a purchase within the last three months, according to March 2013 research from Mastercard.
According to a report by McKinsey and Co, South Korea is one of the most advanced countries in terms of broadband penetration.
Market overview Tesco in South Korea Tesco and Society
Our operations in Korea are our largest outside of the UK; with 520 stores and more than
6 million customers served every week.
We have a profitable online business and 22 of our award-winning virtual stores in South
Korean subways and bus stops, which help time-pressed customers shop on-the-go using their smartphones. The displays include a range of different daily items, from milk and apples to pet food and stationery, and appear on the pillars and screen doors at subway stations for commuters to scan the QR code beneath the product on their smartphone.
The Homeplus app, used by customers shopping at the virtual store, has been downloaded by over 1 million times.
Our South Korean customers prize convenient and healthy food, so we have increased the availability of prepared fruit & veg and ready-meals in our stores. We've also responded to economic pressures by offering a range of Homeplus own-brand products in three categories, from 'Good Zone' basics at the lowest price point to 'Best Zone' premium products.
Our stores are serviced by three Distribution Centres, the largest of which, the Hamahn
Fresh Distribution Centre, is the largest fresh distribution centre in Asia processing more than 40 million boxes per year.
Korean food has grown in popularity internationally and for the last few years we've run a
'Taste of Korea' promotion to support the growth of Korean products in the UK. In 2012 the promotion lasted for five weeks, with 150 different Korean food products. Following the success, Tesco launched a permanent Korean food range, the first major UK supermarket to do so. In total Tesco exports £36 million of largely non-food products from
Korea to the rest of the Tesco Group.
Market overview Tesco in South Korea Tesco and Society
Sustainable growth and the creation of social value are at the heart of our philosophy at
Korea is also home to our zero-carbon Tesco Academy which hosts training for employees in Asia and around the globe. The Tesco Academy is a centre of excellence to train, share learning and develop networks for all our Directors and managers.
Through our eParan 'Green Leaders' programme we have educated 30,000 children about the importance of saving the environment and have a target to create 100,000 of these 'Green Leaders' by 2020. Working in partnership with the South Korean
Government, we have also launched a green credit card that enables customers to earn green points every time they purchase designated products.
Our stores are