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Study Techniques
Litonya Brown
Allison Wadle

The 5 tips I chose was based on how I’m able to personal learn to the best of my ability.
1. Organize the items you are processing
2. Use flash cards
3. Use audio strategies
4/ Recite, rehearse, and write
5. Use the learning style strategies
When using the organizing the items you process you must divide material into manageable sections. And then you must Master each section, put all the
Sections together, and then test your memory of all the material. I chose this one because it’s easier for me to put these in place so I can see it and organize each section as I need it to make it so that I’m able to remember it better.
I also like this theory of using the chunking strategy. Chunking increases the capacity of short-term
And long-term memory.
Flash cards give you short, repeated review sessions that provide immediate feedback. using the front of a 3-by-5-inch index card to write a word, idea, or phrase you want to remember, I found this one very common for most I been using index card to teach my kids different words or just using it to teach them a math problem so this is a good way for me to teach myself a few things and it could actually become a game for yourself.
Although audio strategies can benefit all students, they are especially useful if
You learn best through hearing. Record short-answer study questions by leaving
10 to 15 seconds blank after questions, so you can answer out loud. Record
The correct answer after the pause to give yourself immediate feedback. This is useful to me because I can learn better by hearing just like I said before in one of my papers, I was blind for at least 6 months at one time of my life because of a gunshot wound to the head. And for a long time I was only using my hearing to do things I wanted to do on my own, so with this strategy it is almost like clockwork I was always using my ears to follow or just hear a lesson someone was trying to teach so this was a good idea for me to use.
Repetition is a