Styles of Leadership Essay

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Styles of Leadership

Colorado Technical University
For: Bryant Neal
Phase 3 DB
By: Kamila Brown Sr
Date: July 25, 2012

Styles of Leadership
When I was told there were 3 styles of leadership I said to myself, “Yes there are, don’t care what you do style, don’t give a crap what you think style, and we’re all in this together” style. I now know these styles have actual names, and they are similar to my thoughts in definition, but I guess you can say they have scientific names. The most effective one is what you should find most often in the job world. It is called Democratic, then you have what is called autocratic, and lastly Laissez-Faire (meaning in French=Let it be). Once you get to looking up things, it starts to appear that even though people come up with their own ideas, they are similar to truth.
I shall give a quick over view of the 3 styles of leadership and you might see others or even yourself in one of these styles. Democratic is where everyone gets an equal opportunity to voice concerns or dislikes. Autocratic is the opposite of Democratic and no one but the leader gets to make or assist in decision making. With the last one, Laissez-Faire, this is where the leader gives you your task then sends you on your way. You are left with deciding the best way to complete the task. Now you can go to them and ask questions and they will also provide you with anything you need to complete the task. As you read these simple explanations I hope you are able to figure out which one of my explanations go with what style.
A former supervisor I have worked with would have to be in the category of a Democratic Leadership style. In the following I will explain how he included us in