Suicide: Suicide and National Suicide Prevention Essay

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Teen Suicide Brian returns from another day of high school. This time, he got beat up by the same, usual kids and all of his belongings were missing. He remembered that his parents are not home from work, so being as an only child, he knew this was the only chance he had. He traveled down towards the basement where his dad keeps his guns for hunting. He grabs a gun and loads it. He places his fingers on the trigger and places the gun on his temple. Is it really worth it? No, never. Millions of teenagers contemplate about suicide everyday under the worst circumstances. Some even go through with it and manage to succeed. From ages 10-24 years of age, an astonishing 4,600 teenagers manage to actually commit suicide (Teen Suicide Statistics). No matter what the source, suicide should never be an option and should never be a solution to a problem. Teen suicide, an increasing problem because of multiple factors like family and school problems, should be dealt carefully and wisely through intense medical and therapeutic sessions. One of the main reasons for teenage suicide is high school. High school is filled with all sorts of factors that could lead to suicide or thoughts of suicide. Bullying plays a big role in a -student’s life. More than seventy-seven percent of students admit to being bullied during school (Bullying Statistics). This goes to show just how influential school can impact one’s life. Whether its physical or verbal abuse, students face bullying every day. High school is filled with your cliques and it is hard for the newbie to find their place, especially if they are not as outgoing as some others. The average highschooler is faced with much slander and libel and sometimes, they cannot do anything about it. Girls tend to use harsher context when bullying someone and exclude them from anyone and anything. However, boys also have the ability to slander those they do not approve of to impose power over them. Gossip and rumors can hurt those even when presented with the truth. Verbal bullying is one of the key factors that lead to suicide. Thinking, “why do they not like me of accept me?”, or giving in to their insults like “they are right, I am worthless” are something students conclude to with verbal abuse (Verbal Bullying). Looking at imperfections and not being able to be accepted can cause depression and lead to fatal events. Usually, with verbal bullying, comes isolation, so when a group bullies someone, others tend to avoid that person, afraid to be made fun of or afraid it might hurt their reputation (Matthew L. Newman). This causes loneliness and hopelessness that many teenagers feel when isolated in these kinds of incidents. Not only does verbal bullying cause isolation and humiliation, cyberbullying is another factor that can cause depression and suicide. When something goes viral, like a leaked picture, it can ruin someone’s reputation and connections with friends. People might join the cyberbullying and post anonymous hate comments or message that person about something they did not like about that person. It doesn’t even have to be viral media, if someone does not like a person they will post mean comments. With cyberbullying, it is not face to face, so they are able to avoid the consequences if they were face to face. Even constant text messages are reminders of something they did wrong or an insult and can really impact how teenagers feel about themselves (What is Cyberbullying). Physical abuse as well has a great impact when it comes to mentally and physically dealing with. Beating up someone causes physical abuse and can lead to broken limbs. It shows that the bully is in power and exemplifies the victim as weak and hopeless. Not only does physically abusing someone is qualified as physical abuse. Stealing something or destroying valuable possessions are considered as physical bullying (Physical Bullying). Though bullying is considered a big issue and influential on suicide, family issues