Summary Of Chris Mccandless Journey

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Task #1: The beginning of Chris Mccandless’ journey is the time when he learned about his father has baby with his first wife after his mother got him. At that time he was a graduate school student. Also, when Chris was an graduate school student, he almost always neat. The reason why is when Sam, Chris’ older brother, recalled Chris’ appearance, he said “ he almost always had short hair and has clean-shaven (P.71).” However, after the starting his journey, he was no longer neat. Also, when his corpse was found by hunters, some torn jeans of Chris were in the bus. In addition, his body was very thin by starving(P.11). Therefore, his appearance changed neatness to untidy. Usually, people try to look neat to others because they are aware of the way other people are looking at them. According to that, neatness of Chris can bring the idea that he did really care about the way other people are looking at him. However, after he starts his journey his appearance became untidy. That shows that no longer he care about the way other people are looking at him and desire for free. Also, he had got some stress from caring the way other people are looking at him. Therefore, the changing appearance shows that Chris became no longer care about how others think about him and desire for free.
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According to that, Chris didn’t have enough interaction between his parents and take enough love. However, his father sometimes suppressed him and didn’t usually accept Chris’ demand. So, Chris does have bad familiship with his parents and got complain about his parents. Therefore According to that, this quote is important because it represents Chris does have bad relationship with his parents, and he hates his